Thursday, November 3, 2011

whiskey days

how facetious
yet so true
when you vomit three day whiskey
then stand to attention
like a casket coming home from war
a war that you
cascade through
snort at the sunday papers
wank over bbc news
because it does'nt affect you
you watch on t.v
bbc i player
then flick to late night gameshows
and wake to jeremy kyle
what a wondrous life we lead
consonant please..

cigarette stumps..

they decay
and the cheap blossom hill
that you bought for 3 quid
shakes your leg
yet you suck
because you dont know what else to do
i want to know what happened
are we that apathetic as a race of people
that we have taken the most Insidious Monetary Fucking
in a generation and we stand by like little beau beep
who lost her sheep and doesnt know where to find them,
what happened to us?
cheap blossom hill.


red wine sucks that layer behind your eyeball,
its a golden layer
that layer beneath antipathy,
when your detriments become condiments,
in a haze of brown sauce cream crackers,
and you realise that life
as it is
is a massive pile of shit
and then you die
the trick
is to eat enough
so you leave a good fucking stain on the toilet bowl.