Monday, September 20, 2010

Dictionary Corner

The Collins English Dictionary will accept and review with corroborating documented evidence the addition of new words to the dictionary and thus to the English language. This got me to thinking...

coof - the sound a pigeon makes you when you kick it.

coofer - a person who kicks pigeons

bootchyfliff - the small lumps of fluff you find in your bellybutton

abontational - haven't worked out exactly what this means yet but it sounds like it should be a word

saffragate - the creation of ones own unique language

mertjat - a term to describe a former parachutist

dilchwid - a cloud that has formed the shape of a person or thing

poopyplip - a person with an irrational fear of molluscs

shadagasta - a dark and cold place

fungo - the ability to turn everyday household items into musical instruments

qwanoc - difficulty in deciding which way to turn

wherethefuckarewe- a roaming nomadic tribe. completely lost.

aintgotafuckingclue - leader of the wherethefuckarewe tribe

chorny - a heightened state of sexual arousal brought on by watching cartoons

I implore you all to come up with your own words and then inundate the Collins English Dictionary team with your creations. Their website is Let us all saffragate.

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