Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The girl with the sidereal eyes

Awake to raven hair cascading over a beauty spot shoulder
a Titian neck rotates in a morning yawn
marine eyes pierce
your heart breathes
you follow the nape of her neck down to a crimson bra
a stretch offers the glimpse of a pulp wine nipple which plays hide and seek
sheathed in velvet
eyes blush at the contours of an Aphrodite navel
she runs a ladybird finger around the recesses of her bellybutton
claws her leg to a lascivious V
and chuckles a candy cane laugh
bites a supple lip with snow white teeth
a silver ankle bracelet dances over wiggling ladybird toes
your heart sucks
and you realise that you are in fact the luckiest bastard alive
to be lying in bed next to the girl with the sidereal eyes.

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