Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ode to Jane

I love you.
Throughout the loading, the typing, the downloading
your keyboard stained with cigarette ash and racked lines
you survived
when a faceless girl dropped you off the side of a couch in a cocaine dream
you survived
never cried
we have battled you and I.
disfigurement never phased you
you never flinched when black masking tape, trainspotting, matisse, bukowski and a black and white
adidas hoodie held up your beautiful face
you survived.
we have  battled you and I.
Throughout the blue screen suicide attempts
your bytes filled with the musings of a whiskey soaked bum
mourning the loss of your caps lock button, your W and your T
your children
you have survived
drenched in my thoughts
you will be encased in a mahogany frame on my wall
for all the world to see.
a true soldier
and as I type upon your hallowed keyboard
words cannot evoke Jane what you mean to me
maybe Mariah can say what I cannot seem to do.

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